The Best Fat Burning Exercises and Workouts


Weight loss matters continue to be a thorn in the back for many women. However, with proper diets and consistent workout plans, you can achieve your dream shape in a short time. This article provides you with a 7- day and 4-week workout plan for women to guide you through the process.

7-Day Workout Plan

Acquire an amazing shape with a firmer butt, tighter abs, and less cellulite legs by following the 7-day workout plan below: Day 1 Cellulite eraser Workout On the first day, you will spend about 75 minutes working out. Some of the activities that you will undertake include: Low squats Leg press Leg extension Straight-legged dead-lift Lunges with barbell Standing calve raise Cable hip abductor After that, you will need another 16 minutes of inclined treadmill Day 2 Here you will deal with your shoulders, triceps, and abs. Some of the activities that you will engage in include dumbbell flyes, standing dumbbell press and leverage incline chest press. Include some sprint intervals in this session as well. Day 3 Involve in workout activities that strengthen your back and biceps. This may include pull-ups and bicycle crunch. Foam rolling plus 12,000 steps will also do you some good. Day 4 Repeat the same workout plan as day one. Day 5 This involves high-intensity group fitness class. The main intention is to burn down the calories and keep fresh. Day 6 Again, this should be a total body strength workout so repeat the same process as the first day. Day 7 This should be a day to rest and let all the hard work that you have put in through the week to take effect . The 4-week plan After going through the first week successfully, repeat the same procedure for week two, three and four. Put in hard work and take a day to rest every week. Conclusion Workout plans for women may not be as thorough as compared to those of men, but it requires determination and hard work to attain your dream shape. Have firmer butts, less cellular legs, and tighter abs by following our 7-day and 4-week plans that we have highlighted in this article.